What is an Esprit de Corps?

An Esprit de Corps is a shared spirit of enthusiasm and pride that unites a group of people toward reaching a company’s vision and goals.  It’s the company culture.  Its morale. 

You’ve heard the saying, “Some work to live.  Some live to work.”  And sure, a smattering of employees still work to live.  This site, however, is designed for the majority of modern professionals who live to work.

Think about it.  What’s the first question we ask when meeting someone new?

What do you do? 

And the conversation goes from there.

In our modern world, we define ourselves and each other by our work.  And we expect this work to be satisfying, interesting, and challenging.  If it’s not, the most talented and skilled among us will move on until we find work that meets the above expectations.  Whether we know it or not, we live to work.  We do.

Here, you’ll find workforce solutions that challenge business leaders to build on modern trends and challenge old and tired ways of managing employees.

We’ll seek out ways to maximize employee performance by creating business cultures for the modern world.

How was work today?