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Clarity Above All Else—Seven Tips to Clear Up Your Business Writing

Convoluted writing leads to convoluted thoughts.  Since we want strong ideas and directives that are executable, we need clear writing.  The six tips below should help you do this. 1. Use the best words and phrases, not the longest or fanciest The best word is likely the shorter word.  Rather than trying to sound as […]

Developing a Service-Centric Workplace Culture

Having a service-centric workplace culture means that shoddy service won’t just be something an employee is disciplined for; it means that bad service will not be tolerated by anyone at any level.  Bad service becomes socially unacceptable.  That’s what makes for a strong service culture—it’s not just about threats and awards—it’s about a company’s identity […]

Five Things to Avoid During New-Hire Orientations

For two solid years of my career, I designed and facilitated new-hire orientation.  The company I worked for was large, and it was my responsibility to welcome and train 10 to 30 new employees every Tuesday and Wednesday.  Throughout these two years, I redesigned and polished the orientation, discovering what worked and what didn’t.  As […]

How to Avoid the “Under the Bus” Syndrome in the Workplace

These days, it’s common—especially in the workplace—to say, “He threw me under the bus.”  But what does this really mean?  According to the Internet’s Urban Dictionary, it can mean three things: To reject or betray (someone) To treat someone as a scapegoat To put someone out of favor or at a disadvantage  Very few consider […]

Aspire to Inspire in the 21st Century Workplace: Part One

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is most important that you do it. –Gandhi    Whatever you are, be a good one. –Abraham Lincoln  In~spire:  to breathe or blow upon or into; to infuse (life, etc. into) by breathing; to draw air into the lungs; to inhale; to have an animating effect upon; […]

Icebreaker: Mad-Lib Resume Builder

For an icebreaker, this is great fun and does much to encourage idea building and camaraderie.   1. To start have everyone fill in the blanks below.      Keeping it G-rated, I have done some crazy things in my life.  I’ve A. __________.  I’ve B.__________, and I’ve C.__________.  I’ve always wanted to D.__________ but never […]