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Five Must-Have Qualities for HR Professionals

Over the years, I’ve met some doozies, some HR people who should have chosen different careers. Though I’ve mostly been charmed to work with some of the best in the industry, those few bad eggs sour HR’s reputation as a whole.  Like law enforcement, our occupation has taken a nasty hit due to the mistakes […]

The Mad Scientist of People Management

Old ways are hard to shake.  This is a hard truth in business despite every applicant claiming to be “an agent for change.”  On a recent Freakonomics podcast, economist Steve Levitt discussed how disinclined people are to say “I don’t know.” He talked of one company that continued running paper insert ads even though they […]

Three Things that Make HR’s Job Harder than It Should Be

I’ll be speaking on a panel tomorrow on the most difficult things an HR director faces.  When I started to make my notes, the list got longer and longer.  Let’s face it, it’s not always roses and sunshine in the HR world; in fact, our very jobs require us to deal with the prickliest situations […]

HR New Year’s Resolution #1: Fight Back against the Haters

There’s been a lot of smack lately about how much people hate HR.  Sure, some of this talk comes from disgruntled employees who had their unfortunate endings in an HR office like mine, in which I calmly told them about COBRA and handed them their final checks.  But most of the hate is coming from […]

HR, a Eulogy

What can I say about HR, once an acronym for Human Resources?  I could start by saying HR sure loved its acronyms, a secret language that worked well to transform a group of well-intended pro-people individuals into a process factory.  Who didn’t enjoy listening to the sweet sounds of FMLA, COBRA, EAP, FLSA, EEO, DOL, […]