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Five Must-Have Qualities for HR Professionals

Over the years, I’ve met some doozies, some HR people who should have chosen different careers. Though I’ve mostly been charmed to work with some of the best in the industry, those few bad eggs sour HR’s reputation as a whole.  Like law enforcement, our occupation has taken a nasty hit due to the mistakes […]

Why Sexual Harassment Continues to Plague the Workplace

With all the laws and lawsuits, why is sexual harassment still an issue at work?  Everyone has sat through ongoing training.  Everyone understands the rules.  Yet here I am in HR still dealing with this misconduct.  I could dwell on the sorry state of humanity; rather, I aim to pinpoint why this remains a problem. […]

Do Industries Have Natures?

A friend of mine, who’s one of the best in his field, is being replaced at his company by a friend of the new director.  When my friend asked why, the HR Director told him, “It’s just the nature of our industry…you know how it is.” So not only is he losing his job, there’s […]

The Performance Review Rigmarole

They’ve been around forever.  I’m talking forever.  According to Derek Thompson, the first recorded performance appraisal occurred in 230 AD during China’s Wei Dynasty.  The Chinese have invented so many wonderful and useful things—Lord knows how much I love paper and gunpowder—but I’m not the biggest fan of the obligatory employee performance review or any […]

Five Things to Avoid During New-Hire Orientations

For two solid years of my career, I designed and facilitated new-hire orientation.  The company I worked for was large, and it was my responsibility to welcome and train 10 to 30 new employees every Tuesday and Wednesday.  Throughout these two years, I redesigned and polished the orientation, discovering what worked and what didn’t.  As […]

The Need for an HR Renaissance

HR’s bad reputation might be stemming from its common unwillingness and inability to accept or comprehend a new and exciting change in everything from business models to employees, themselves.  And rather than be in front of everything cutting edge, they run behind and slow everything down.  The result is that HR has become a department […]

I Surrender: Cell Phone Policies & Millennials

I’m not an old fashioned gal.  I love my smart phone almost as much as my 25-year-old son does.  Almost.    The difference is that my son showed me how to use this nifty device.  He got me hooked.  Lured me onto various social media sites.  Taught me how to text with acrobatic thumbs.  Just […]