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The R in HR Doesn’t Stand for Rah-Rah

Every year—right around the holidays, actually—some HR buzzword starts to irritate me.  The rock in my loafer this year is the word “engagement.”  This is because so many seem to confuse it with the word “appreciation.”  And when you confuse the two, the result is wasted time and money. Engaging employees is on everyone’s mind […]

Develop Your People! What Leaders Can Learn from Jon Stewart

Last week, Stewart announced that John Oliver is leaving the Daily Show.  Like other Daily Show veterans, Oliver now has his own show.  As Stewart beamed with obvious pride, Oliver—whom Stewart allowed to fill in as host last summer—wept.  Stewart, on the other hand, is always happiest when others succeed.  Leaders, take heed.    It’s […]

6 Ways to Motivate Your Staff (Little Freaky Monkeys Feast Red Peppers)

Recently, one department manager asked me for some methods to motivate her employees and improve workplace performance.  Should she use an incentive program?  Which one?  Should she change her managing style?  Good questions, all.  The answer, however, leads us to another question.  What does motivate people to work harder and do their best?  It boils […]