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The Best Reason to Ditch Your Employee-of-the-Month Program

Decades before now, some HR gal (that’s what we were called back then) came up with a plan: Here’s a thought! We’ll pick one employee every month and crown that person Employee of the Month! We’ll put his picture on a wall and give him a gift certificate to Sizzler!  And then another middle-manager, Frank, […]

Innovation and The Lego Movie

I’d been putting off seeing this film but finally watched it with my family on Thanksgiving.  By mid-film, most my family had drifted out of the room, which left me and my 26-year-old son, who just happens to be a filmmaker. Despite the movie being a full-on visual assault and conceived for those with snapshot attention […]

The R in HR Doesn’t Stand for Rah-Rah

Every year—right around the holidays, actually—some HR buzzword starts to irritate me.  The rock in my loafer this year is the word “engagement.”  This is because so many seem to confuse it with the word “appreciation.”  And when you confuse the two, the result is wasted time and money. Engaging employees is on everyone’s mind […]

For a Work-Life Balance, We Need More than a Time Change

I have given plenty of advice over the years about finding and maintaining a work-life balance.  After having a much needed extra hour sleep, with my brain feeling somewhat refreshed, I’ve decided that my advice was leaving something important out of equation. See, I’ve always associated this whole balance thing with how much time you spend […]

Seven Ways to Prevent Passive-Aggressive Behavior in the Workplace

These days, outright aggression in the workplace is rare.  However, passive-aggressive behavior—in the form of scapegoating, blaming and denying—can be common.  We HR folks know this to be true.  We also know passive-aggressive behavior slows productivity and is responsible for many workplace ills.  So how do we prevent it? Insist upon open lines of positive communication. […]

Are We Using “Bad Fit” as an Excuse?

I think we might be tossing the phrase “bad fit” around too much.  Lately, I’ve been hearing it used as crutch for all sorts of issue.  And it’s time we step back and question whether or not we’re using “bad fit” as an excuse to avoid managing performance. Let’s first explore what a “bad fit” […]

How to Take a Real Vacation and Mean It!

In a couple of weeks, I’m taking a vacation.  And this year, for the first time in a decade, I plan on taking a real one.  For those business leaders out there whose vacations are only defined as not being physically on site, you’ll understand what I’m saying. Given this, it’s ironic that I am […]

Do Industries Have Natures?

A friend of mine, who’s one of the best in his field, is being replaced at his company by a friend of the new director.  When my friend asked why, the HR Director told him, “It’s just the nature of our industry…you know how it is.” So not only is he losing his job, there’s […]

How to Develop Grace Under Pressure

Think of a stressful situation you’ve had at work and try to remember the actual feelings you endured.  That’s right, feelings.  Here are a few examples:  panic, anger, fear, anxiety, resentment, shame, helplessness, hopelessness and frustration.  The list goes on, but these are the standard.  And we don’t enjoy feeling any of them.  What’s more, […]

Who’s Who in Difficult Personalities

Maybe you think you’re a breeze, a real picnic to work with.  Who?  Me?  Have a difficult personality?  Never.  It’s all those other folks who have the problem!  Or maybe you don difficult traits to protect yourself. Perhaps you think being difficult is necessary in your position of power.  You’re wrong on that.  Very wrong. […]