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For a Work-Life Balance, We Need More than a Time Change

I have given plenty of advice over the years about finding and maintaining a work-life balance.  After having a much needed extra hour sleep, with my brain feeling somewhat refreshed, I’ve decided that my advice was leaving something important out of equation. See, I’ve always associated this whole balance thing with how much time you spend […]

Are You Part of the Walking Dead at Work?

Employees—over the years—have come to my office to express their work-related concerns.  Though many of their gripes are legitimate problems needing HR’s attention, some aren’t so legitimate.  Some concerns—though couched in complaints about bosses or systems—are just symptoms of the employees not liking their work or being in the wrong positions.  And no amount of […]

Improve your Career Chances by Knowing and Communicating your Value

Most resumes and cover letters brandish skills, experience, and responsibilities.  And those of us doing the hiring are trained to read between the lines to intuit what we’re really looking for—the candidate’s value.  An interview is when value usually reveals itself, setting one candidate apart from another. But why not communicate your value sooner, gifting […]

Beyond Savings Accounts: Build a Career Lifeboat by Building a Lifebrand

I’ve fired folks.  I’ll admit it.  But I’ve never been fired.  Not yet, at least.  Though I don’t dwell on it or make decisions based on a fear of being fired, losing my job’s not out of the realm of possibility.  My employer could lose confidence in me, or I could make an irrevocable and […]