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How and Why to Write Recommendation Letters that Get Results

Anyone in a leadership position needs to master the art of writing a superb letter of recognition.  After all, we are in positions to develop others.  I’ve seen over and over that the best and most successful leaders are committed to the success of those they’ve mentored, taught or worked with side-by-side. I’ll first say, […]

Don’t Skimp on Training if You Want a Service Culture

Once you’ve developed your service standards based on your values, mission and brand as well as reformed your hiring practices, you will need to invest in results-driven and culture-shaping service training.  Ongoing training with refreshers, accountability and follow-through is essential and cannot be skipped.  But what is the best way to go about this? I […]

Why You Shouldn’t Hire Mystery Shoppers

For years I’ve questioned the madness of businesses that attempt to gauge customer satisfaction by hiring secret shoppers.  They have their arguments, of course, for doing what they do.  They’re seeking unbiased and random feedback.  They want to know who’s providing good service and who’s not.  Okay.  I understand wanting to know both those things, […]

Introverted Dolphin or Extraverted Kangaroo? The Failure of Leadership Assessments & Quizzes

If you’ve gone through any type of management training, you’ve undoubtedly experienced some form of assessment.  Myers-Briggs?  The Leadership Legacy assessment test?  Kurt Lewin’s three major leadership styles?  There’s also the popular leadership personality quiz that pegs you as some sort of animal—a dolphin, eagle, lion, kangaroo or wombat.  In one form of this test, […]

The Performance Review Rigmarole

They’ve been around forever.  I’m talking forever.  According to Derek Thompson, the first recorded performance appraisal occurred in 230 AD during China’s Wei Dynasty.  The Chinese have invented so many wonderful and useful things—Lord knows how much I love paper and gunpowder—but I’m not the biggest fan of the obligatory employee performance review or any […]

Five Things to Avoid During New-Hire Orientations

For two solid years of my career, I designed and facilitated new-hire orientation.  The company I worked for was large, and it was my responsibility to welcome and train 10 to 30 new employees every Tuesday and Wednesday.  Throughout these two years, I redesigned and polished the orientation, discovering what worked and what didn’t.  As […]

Three Truths about Training and Orientating New Employees during an Expansion

So you’ve planned your company’s expansion for years.  The details seem bottomless, yes?  While that wing, tower, or new office is opening, you’re hiring a whole new group of employees.  You think you’ve got your ducks in a row, and you’ve met all your deadlines.  The grand opening is two weeks away.  It’s exciting.  Incredibly […]

The Fish Rots from the Head Down: Why and How to Manage Management

Sure, people will leave your company if they have better or more profitable opportunities.  They’ll also leave if they don’t fit into the workplace culture.   What I’ve mostly seen, however, are people jumping ship because of poor management.  But losing star employees isn’t the only reason a company should make managing management a top priority.  […]