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Five Must-Have Qualities for HR Professionals

Over the years, I’ve met some doozies, some HR people who should have chosen different careers. Though I’ve mostly been charmed to work with some of the best in the industry, those few bad eggs sour HR’s reputation as a whole.  Like law enforcement, our occupation has taken a nasty hit due to the mistakes […]

On the Road to Success, Do Formal College Degrees Matter?

As an HR Director, I’m always interested in what the best of the best are doing in the areas of people management.  It’s no secret that my dream dinner would be to sit down with Google’s head of people management, Laszlo Bock.  I have this silly fantasy that he could help me solve some of […]

Chief of Whatnot or Vice President of Whatever: Why Your Title Shouldn’t Matter as Much as it Does

A pesky trend I’ve noticed in the last couple of years is when executives request a change in the title of the job being offered to them.  It’s not good enough to be a “director” or “general manager.”  Nope.  The trend these days is to request during negotiations some sort of “chief” or “VP” in […]

Three Things that Make HR’s Job Harder than It Should Be

I’ll be speaking on a panel tomorrow on the most difficult things an HR director faces.  When I started to make my notes, the list got longer and longer.  Let’s face it, it’s not always roses and sunshine in the HR world; in fact, our very jobs require us to deal with the prickliest situations […]

Improve your Career Chances by Knowing and Communicating your Value

Most resumes and cover letters brandish skills, experience, and responsibilities.  And those of us doing the hiring are trained to read between the lines to intuit what we’re really looking for—the candidate’s value.  An interview is when value usually reveals itself, setting one candidate apart from another. But why not communicate your value sooner, gifting […]