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The Best Reason to Ditch Your Employee-of-the-Month Program

Decades before now, some HR gal (that’s what we were called back then) came up with a plan: Here’s a thought! We’ll pick one employee every month and crown that person Employee of the Month! We’ll put his picture on a wall and give him a gift certificate to Sizzler!  And then another middle-manager, Frank, […]

Innovation and The Lego Movie

I’d been putting off seeing this film but finally watched it with my family on Thanksgiving.  By mid-film, most my family had drifted out of the room, which left me and my 26-year-old son, who just happens to be a filmmaker. Despite the movie being a full-on visual assault and conceived for those with snapshot attention […]

The Mad Scientist of People Management

Old ways are hard to shake.  This is a hard truth in business despite every applicant claiming to be “an agent for change.”  On a recent Freakonomics podcast, economist Steve Levitt discussed how disinclined people are to say “I don’t know.” He talked of one company that continued running paper insert ads even though they […]

I Surrender: Cell Phone Policies & Millennials

I’m not an old fashioned gal.  I love my smart phone almost as much as my 25-year-old son does.  Almost.    The difference is that my son showed me how to use this nifty device.  He got me hooked.  Lured me onto various social media sites.  Taught me how to text with acrobatic thumbs.  Just […]

Crucial Conversations: Recommending Change

If you’ve an idea for change, you’ll first need buy-in from decision makers or stockholders.  For a conversation like this, research, groundwork, and preparation are elemental in your strategy. First identify why you want to make this change.  Use sound business reasons like profit, efficiency, modernization, or workforce needs. Plot the benefits, costs, process, and […]

The Downside of Being an Agent of Change

I keep reading cover letters from Agents of Change.  And I’m getting the impression that these change agents are everywhere.  Maybe they’re lurking in your garden and will replace your radishes with carrots in the middle of the night. Maybe they’ll swap out your car while you’re at lunch.  Maybe you’ll come home to a […]

Managing Change Icebreaker

If you’re facilitating training on how to manage change, you’re likely addressing these three needs:  Change needs acceptance & buy in Change needs emotional intelligence to recognize and address resistance Change needs teamwork and organization This activity allows for participants to experience and manage change in real time and infuses the room with energy. Instructions […]