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Seven Habits We Might Want to Kick

In 1989, when Stephen Covey first wrote his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I’d just bought my first computer. You should know it cost me my first born. To this day, I wonder about that child. Was he happy being raised by that mullet-haired nerd-nick flogging five-ton computers in a Petaluma warehouse? […]

Are You Part of the Walking Dead at Work?

Employees—over the years—have come to my office to express their work-related concerns.  Though many of their gripes are legitimate problems needing HR’s attention, some aren’t so legitimate.  Some concerns—though couched in complaints about bosses or systems—are just symptoms of the employees not liking their work or being in the wrong positions.  And no amount of […]

Playing the Game of Survivor at Work

Season 100,432 of Survivor airs this Sunday.  Okay, so I don’t really know what season they’re on, nor do I care.  I only know that shows like this are my guilty pleasure.  And I confess to watching nearly every episode from the moment Richard Hatch moseyed across the sand in all his nudie glory. Maybe […]

Do What You Were Born to Do No Matter How Old You Think You Are

On the heels of Nelson Mandela’s death, we’re all reminded how he fulfilled his destiny despite 27 years in prison. This is a man who essentially began his career as a world leader at age 71.  I wholly believe it’s never too late.  Besides Mandela, countless examples exist of successful folks changing or starting careers […]

Beyond Savings Accounts: Build a Career Lifeboat by Building a Lifebrand

I’ve fired folks.  I’ll admit it.  But I’ve never been fired.  Not yet, at least.  Though I don’t dwell on it or make decisions based on a fear of being fired, losing my job’s not out of the realm of possibility.  My employer could lose confidence in me, or I could make an irrevocable and […]

How I Used my Transferable Skills to Change Careers

Friends who haven’t seen me for years probably wonder how I ended up in Human Resources.  And I do have a short version.  It goes like this—I was an adjunct professor traveling from campus to campus teaching theatre and writing and ended up accepting a corporate training position.  My current career in Human Resources progressed […]

10 Ways to Become an Expert Communicator

Human Resources prophets like to communicate about Communication—note the capital C.  Employees like to communicate about the lack of Communication.  Leaders like to communicate about how well they Communicate.  Somewhere along the way, the true meaning of this leadership quality became murky.  Communication became an umbrella for multiple leadership skills.  Yet, simply put, communication is […]