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For a Work-Life Balance, We Need More than a Time Change

I have given plenty of advice over the years about finding and maintaining a work-life balance.  After having a much needed extra hour sleep, with my brain feeling somewhat refreshed, I’ve decided that my advice was leaving something important out of equation. See, I’ve always associated this whole balance thing with how much time you spend […]

How and Why to Write Recommendation Letters that Get Results

Anyone in a leadership position needs to master the art of writing a superb letter of recognition.  After all, we are in positions to develop others.  I’ve seen over and over that the best and most successful leaders are committed to the success of those they’ve mentored, taught or worked with side-by-side. I’ll first say, […]

Are You Part of the Walking Dead at Work?

Employees—over the years—have come to my office to express their work-related concerns.  Though many of their gripes are legitimate problems needing HR’s attention, some aren’t so legitimate.  Some concerns—though couched in complaints about bosses or systems—are just symptoms of the employees not liking their work or being in the wrong positions.  And no amount of […]

Five Ways to Become More Likable

Whether you’ll admit it or not, most of you care about whether you are liked by your co-workers.  It just makes life easier if you get along with the people you spend time with.  Plus, work gets done faster.  Though there will always be people who see the world differently than you, becoming more likable […]

On the Road to Success, Do Formal College Degrees Matter?

As an HR Director, I’m always interested in what the best of the best are doing in the areas of people management.  It’s no secret that my dream dinner would be to sit down with Google’s head of people management, Laszlo Bock.  I have this silly fantasy that he could help me solve some of […]

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I’m irritated.  What’s new, right? But, look, you’re a grown up, and I’m not your mother.  I can’t make your co-worker sit in a corner and think about what he or she has done to hurt your feelings.  I can’t make anyone be nice to each other.  I can’t make anyone like you.  I sure […]

Chief of Whatnot or Vice President of Whatever: Why Your Title Shouldn’t Matter as Much as it Does

A pesky trend I’ve noticed in the last couple of years is when executives request a change in the title of the job being offered to them.  It’s not good enough to be a “director” or “general manager.”  Nope.  The trend these days is to request during negotiations some sort of “chief” or “VP” in […]